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Tea is our passion one in which we would like to share with others; we feel so passionately about the many tremendous health benefits associated with drinking quality loose leaf tea that we decided to source the finest organic loose leaf and spices from the most well-known producing regions in the world, we’ve hand blended where we can and packaged in high quality food grade recycled paper backed bags and amber jars.

Basically, we live in paradise! This unique spot in the far South West of Western Australia feels like Australia’s best kept secret. It is such a joy to live here and get to have this mighty coastline as our back yard, what better place to raise a family, what better place to start a business and name our collection after local stunning beaches and forests.

We hand blend and bag each of or organic blends with love and care right here in beautiful Margaret River.

What we enjoy most about tea is there are so many varieties, each variety different from the next, tea is personal we all like it different ways, there is no wrong or right.

What has been fascinating for us is learning about the method in which tea is produced from the moment it is plucked from the tree to the time it hits your mug.


We’ve learnt about the important differences between drinking quality loose leaf as opposed to store bought mass produced tea bags.

We will maintain a blog called ‘Spill the Tea’ which will go in to detailed articles about the health benefits associated with drinking tea and herbal teas. Why it is beneficial to drink loose leaf over mass produced prepackaged non-biodegradable teabags.

We have many different ideas and projects on the cards and look forward to updating you with them.

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