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Teabags - should I, shouldn't I... why wouldn't I?!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Convenience factor would play a huge part in a decision to bypass a mug of loose leaf for the ease of a teabag, as our day to day lives get busier even getting to drink a hot cup of tea is quite the achievement. One of the things that got the cogs turning for was hearing that some mass produced teabags are bags filled with factory dust and floor scrapings, my thought.. surely not.. yuck! So with that we started collecting intel. What could be done to see if there was any truth to this newly acquired information.. brew a cup of our 100% Organic Green Sencha loose leaf in one transparent cup and brew a bag of mainstream supermarket Green tea in another. Well blow me away, our Boranup Forest Green Sencha maintained this beautiful emerald green colour smelling lovely, grassy and fragrant whilst the mass produced teabag produced a bitter brown colour with a bitter taste and smell to match. (Scroll below to see the results of the loose leaf vs teabag experiment to see the results.) Tea is chock full of antioxidants and has powerful anti-inflammatory qualities these are produced by a chemical called catechins. The finer the tea leaf is ground the more exposure it has to our atmosphere the quicker it deteriorates, affecting its freshness and quality. Loose leaf is generally more fresh than its counterpart; the more whole the leaf the higher the health benefit. So I started by saying to myself that making a cup of loose leaf was like making an experience, a nice chance to do a little something nice for myself each day, or to share between good conversation with friends, after all gin and tonics have turned to cups of tea in recent years. We here at Margaret River Tea Company believe that almost all of life's problems could be solved with the humble cup of tea. Get sipping people

Loose Leaf Boranup Green Sencha vs store bought Green teabag. (We brewed each method for the same amount of time with the same temperature boiled water.) Open a teabag, tip it out and have a look.

Boranup Green Sencha vs Green Tea Bag
Loose Leaf Tea vs Teabags

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